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    varanasiindiango (Saturday, 09 October 2010 11:32)


    I hope to see you again!
    I'm happy to see you.finally i have make it up!


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    Nicolas Eugster (Wednesday, 27 October 2010 09:04)

    Hey Somit

    Congratulations for the new homepage..Very good! keep it up to date and it will be an important instrument, connecting your project to all interested people in the world..hope to find time to come back and help out more..

    Heartly greetings from Switzerland


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    Saeko Mizuma (Tuesday, 09 November 2010 08:15)

    I took Yoga, cooking and music.
    I enjoyed them very much. I had great experience to see the Indian culture with a lot of smile. I highly recommend to all whom visit Vanarasi!

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    cheap coach bags (Wednesday, 23 February 2011 19:28)

    This site really has a nice and complete information,good work!

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    Amanda (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 21:19)

    Hi Somit

    Thanks for the opportunity to come and volunteer and become witness to an amazing project!!

    I wish for you every success


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    RADHA AIKO (Saturday, 16 April 2011 00:23)

    wonderful homepage ! I love it! keep it up the good work. a lot of love and hugs! radha

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    Sandra Ransom (Friday, 08 July 2011 03:25)

    I recently visited and stayed wih Somit at the Education Centre with my daughter Amanda. I met the beautiful children who were so keen to learn and so receptive. I felt absolutely honored to have had this experience, it will forever be in my heart. Somit is doing a truly amazing job with the children, who all love being there and are learning so much!I would highly encourage anyone visting Varanasi to volunteer or visit Somit to learn more about the valuable work he does, truly inspirational. If you can't visit, help Somit by donating whatever you can to assist him to keep the centre open and this valuable work going. Thankyou Somit for the opportunity and experience. My deepest love to you and the children, you are a truly amazing man!

    With love,

    Sandra Ransom
    St Marys, Tasmania. Australia.

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    Ana (Thursday, 22 December 2011 23:18)

    The Saraswati Education Centre in Varanasi is a wonderful organization. Somit, what you are doing in amazing. Keep it up! I enjoyed every moment of volunteering during my week in Varanasi. The children, each and every one of them, hold a place in my heart and it was nice to spend time with them teaching them English and dancing.
    If you are planning to travel through Varanasi, I strongly recommend visiting the centre and contributing some of your time to work with the children or make a donation.

    Wishing you all the best, Somit! Send my hugs and "hello" to the kids for me :)

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    Ellen (Wednesday, 08 February 2012 15:43)

    I was only one afternoon there, so shame.. I hope i can save monye to come again and relealy help. You are great, please greeting to the australian girl who stays 6 mnd.

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    Shivaji Singh (Monday, 12 March 2012 01:52)

    Hi Somit
    I am newly shifted in varanasi, i know u from internet i want to help u for nice work how can i contact u.


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    Frederic Leforestier (Friday, 07 September 2012 05:47)

    Das waren meine ersten Yogalehrstunden. Mit in die Yogalehrstunden sind kleine Unterrichtseinheiten fuer die Kinder hier integriert. Das macht die Sache sehr familiaer. Der Yogalehrer ist halbprofessionel aber sehr liebnswuerdig. Ich denke, fuer die ersten Lektionen war as hier genau richtig. Meine Frau ist ebenfalls mitgekommen und hat hauptsaechlich die Kinder unterrichtet. Insgesamt sehr empfehlenswert, wenn man mal ins Yoga reinschnuppern moechte und gleichtzeitig noch Einheimische kennenlernen will.

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    Lindsay (Thursday, 28 February 2013 23:22)

    To anyone considering staying at or volunteering here, please read about our experience.

    My husband and I were in Varanasi for 4 days. I am a visual artists and he is a high school math and Science teacher. We were traveling in India for 3 weeks as a make shift honey moon and Varanasi was the mid point in our journey. We were there a few days before Christmas and left Christmas day. I came across a few articles online about the Saraswati Education centre in Varanasi and it seemed like a really worthwhile cause and being that we were to be there on on Christmas we thought it would be nice to volunteer there. We arrived early in the morning, dirty, exhausted and flustered after our long overnight train ride from Varanasi. Somit was a life saver, he showed us immediately to our room (spotless, minimal with an attached washroom) where we slept for a few hours. He sent us up a delicious breakfast and after we showered, changed we came down stairs feeling more human once more. We were stressed about the next train we were to take as it had been an ongoing problem through out our entire trip. He helped us get last minute tickets, showing us to a reputable travel agent and from there we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. We volunteered at the school in the morning and had the afternoons and evenings to explore Varanasi. My husband did his best to teach math to a rambunctious and vivacious group of children aged 2-12. The children were absolutely amazing! Somit is providing a much needed service to this community. Without him these children would not be able to attend school. Here he provides a safe and positive environment, teaches them about hygiene, respect of one another, provides a humble breakfast (of which they may not other wise have) and sparks in them an interest in knowledge. He does all of this on a very meagre budget. Somit made us feel very safe and very welcomed. He is a kind, gentle and genuine man who is dedicating is life to improving the lives of the children in the community. He does so much with very little and I would encourage anyone who will be passing through Varanasi to stay with him and help out in any way that they can. Even if you are not a teacher you can help out. These children are starved for adult attention. They need help in the morning washing up, brushing teeth, maintaining focus in the class room etc. Christmas morning was very memorable. The tables in the class room were pushed back and Somit bought decorations and sweets for the kids. We played music and danced with the children and it was so much fun and so special. Somit recognizes that not only do these children need to learn math and how to read and write but that they need to be children....have fun and be silly in a safe environment. I would recommend this as a place to stay and volunteer. It was an experience we will always remember and if we are able, we will most certainly go back in future.

    Thank you for everything Somit! We are very grateful. Tell the children we say hello!

    Lindsay (Canadian living in Beijing)