Yoga,  Ayurveda & Music School In Varanasi


300 Rs. to 500 Rs. INR  / 90 Minute To 2Hours


you can get here,,,

Hatha Yoga ( means relaxing yoga )
Astanga Yoga ( more dynamic yoga ) 

 vikram yoga ( means more mixing )
Kundalini Yoga ( more meditation way )

Pranayama ( means practicing inhale & exhale )

Karma yoga ( do your best for helping )

many kind variation you can mix learning time ...

     We have also Yoga Teacher Training Program but in this program students will have to follow strict rule and regulation under guidance of yoga society it is totally 120 Hrs. students can do it one day 4 hour to 6 hour a day maximum...after we will provide yoga Certificate/License.

    For Music we have various music classes Sitar, Tabla, Flute, Harmonium, Jembay, others instrument & All style Indian Classical Dance , Vocal in under guidance of expert Teacher.

    Also we provide Ayurveda classes you can learn how Ayurveda is good for us, and Ayurveda massage ,,, and Hindi speaking and writing courses,

you can also learn here palmistry and astrology and henna course,
    We also help here poor and street children free education so if you want to work here as a volunteer you can work here,and also you can give here your energy and power with idea it is like a karma yoga.


because karma makes destiny,

Ayurveda massage
Here is price list of all kinds of Ayurveda massage
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